terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Music interpretation: The 1975 – Undo

This song is about a relationship, about a person who loves another, but stay away while having this feeling. The song is passing after the love is gone; the person who doesn’t admire anymore, the one who first was a reference of his feelings, is feeling kinda nostalgic, wanting to see the old person, who he loved, again but are not able of doing that. At the same time, the song talks about deconstruction, about the ability of destroying ideals, goals, impressions and love. The song is about how much important is for us to have illusion, to fight to maintain them, and how difficult is to destroy and deconstruct them.

"Twist around the lounge
Sun drowns the house
Stick another pill in my head and go to bed
We're not doing it again so leave it"

The song begins with the singer going around, with no direction, in some room, while the sun is illuminating the house, making it seems to drown because the intensity of the solar rays. He is taking some kind of medicine, something that seems to alleviate pain, a pill designed to make him forget and feel better; in this particular case he feels the necessity to forget about a person, who is not around him anymore, and that he misses very much. This person that he is thinking about helps him to feel better, and avoid pain.

"I didn't even see you when I liked you
Now I ain't got no time
Girl I wanna see you undo it
I wanna see you but you're not mine"

The singer is talking about how he did not see the girl he loved when he felt something for her, he probably did that to maintain his illusions about her, to maintain the beautiful image that he had in his head. Keeping this impression only in his imagination he could avoid destroying it, could avoid deconstruct it. But the time goes on, and, even not seeing her, he deconstructed it; now that he doesn’t have this amazing image about her in his imagination, he feels that he could talk and see this girl, he wants to see her deconstruct the feeling that he thinks she has about him, he wants to see her doing what he did, but he cannot do that, because now she has another person.

"Bombs have run out
Call round the town
I could hear you giving her head she said
You think we're doing it again keep dreaming"

After the things that were bad, for the person who wrote this song, run out, after the things that caused pain just disappeared, the singer feels more relaxed, happier. In this new scenario, he doesn’t feel anymore the necessity to maintain his dreams about his old love affair. He said that she could hear him staying with another person, making her head, this indicates that she is thinking about him, but he just say to her keep dreaming, because they will not be together anymore, they will not have the old relationship again.