quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Music interpretation: Fall out boy - I am like a lawyer with the way i am always trying to get you off (me & you)

This song is an intelligent construction that talks about personal and pessimistic feelings, evolution and, of course, about a love relationship. Fun fact: the lawyer in the title is related to the capacity of manipulating things, people and events, giving them new meanings and interpretations.

"Last years wishes are this years apologies
Every last time I come home
I take my last chance, to burn a bridge or two
I only keep myself this sick in the head
'Cause I know how the words get you' (off)"

 The singer starts the song talking about how the last year’s wishes, the last year’s resolutions for life and the ideas to improve it, become the excuses of this present time; as an example of that, we can say that the person in this song wished to be more intelligent, as a path to do so he thinks about reading more, but, at the end, he just did not do that, then this resolution becomes his actual excuse, becomes something that he just regret about and have to use apologies to justify this failure in attempting something that he impose to himself. In this sense, he says that he is constantly deconstructing an image of a lover, that he had in his head, he also is saying that he keeps this troubled thoughts about a person in his head because he is able to let it go, to put it aside. (in this case he makes the reference of the title of the song, saying that he is like a lawyer, he can manipulate the reality and change aspects of it, giving new interpretations that allow him to change thoughts and impression and wishes, etc.)

"We're the new face of failure
Prettier and younger but not any better off
Bulletproof loneliness
At best, at best"

He starts to talk about how them are the new face of failure, being this failure related to their parents, and the bad habits and bad choices of them, this bothers the person who is talking about all that. At the same time that he despises their parents characteristics, he realize that he is not so different of it, just another face of this failure, only younger and prettier, but not different. At the same time, he talks about his ability of being indifferent to loneliness, his great capacity of not carrying about being alone.

"Me and you, setting in a honeymoon
(If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you)
Me and you, setting in a honeymoon
(If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you)"

In the riff he comes back to his lover, and starts to imagine about being with her, to spending time with her…

"Collect the bad habits
That you couldn't bear to keep
Out of the woods, but I love
A tree I used to lay beneath
Kiss teeth stained red
From a sour bottle baby girl
With eyes the size of baby worlds"

He starts to talk about the person who is in his mind, who are the content of his thoughts, he talks about how he loves her bad habits, that she tries to hide but that she cannot. He keeps saying how he likes her, and he compares her to a tree in a wood, the one who is sour bottle – a term that we can translate as being a sincere, with a huge imagination and complex – baby girl, with big and interesting eyes, who attracts him and makes him be amazed.

"The best way to make it through
With hearts and wrists intact
Is to realize two out of three ain't bad
Ain't bad (I’m like a lawyer)"

At the end, he says that the best way of getting along with this love story, to be okay with that and to not think about suicide – keeping the wrists intact -, is by realizing that two out of three is not a bad thing. This comparison is related to a famous study about love, that talks about the 3 characteristics of love, the first one is passion, the second is intimacy and the third is commitment, because of the song we can presume that they have the first ones aspects of love but they don’t have the third one, a thing the singer thinks isn’t bad. 

terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

Music interpretation: Fall out boy - Moving pictures

This song talks about a person who cannot stand anymore to be around someone who he used to love before.

"last night I saw a movie
and I thought about many movies I’ve seen at your house
excuse me if I’m rude
but I’d rather that we just strike from the record, ones I’d see again without you
leaning on my shoulder
distracting me from the plotline"

At the beginning the person who is singing talks about a movie that he saw last night, this movie makes him remember about many movies and things he used to do with an old friend. At the same time, when he is remembering nice moments about being with this person, being around this person, he also is thinking about how stressful and painful become being around this person; this duality seems to be more close to the despise, and we can notice that when the person who is singing talks that he’d prefer to erase this memories, because now he prefer to watch this things without this old friend. Even wishing to forget everything about this person, he end up remembering scenes with his friend when they watched movies together; he remember how this person lean on his shoulder and distract him from the plotline…

"where can I go when I want you around
but I can’t stand to be around you
'go home'
I'll walk myself to you
I'll walk myself away from here"

He keeps saying how he feels about this duality of his feelings towards a specific person. He is confused about his wish to still want to see and be around the old person, that is combined, at the same time, with a wish to stay as far as possible of this same person. When he thinks like that, he cannot know what do, or where to go; he says that when he feels like that he should go home – in this case home is related to a safe place, somewhere nice and secure and happy -, then he say that he goes toward the person – as a reference to home – and after that he says that he goes away from this person – also as being a reference of going home.

"'go to hell' is all I thought for seven weeks
but I grew out of that phase looking at these broken photographs of people
looking glossed just like a summer ago"

This confusion irritates him, at the same time, he is upset about thinking only about it for seven weeks, for a long time. After this “waste of time thinking about an old person and now unreal”, he says that he got over this phase of look back to broke photographs of people, he got over thinking about people who exists only in his imagination and not in the real life anymore. He is tired of looking to people who was special and incredible – as if they were glossed – and are not like that anymore.

"'call me back' i'm pleading with a cork in my head
it wouldn't be the first time
my pillow has been mistaken"

After talking about all these disturbed thoughts, about this double thinking, he wants this persons to come around again, to come back as the way he remember. He wants this in despair, away from the person while he is going to sleep and has only the image of the person in his imagination, saying that this wouldn’t be the first time when he wanted that, and that he was mistaken, that he is wrong about having bad thoughts about how this person becomes insipid.

"can't stand to be around you
around you, around you
cant stand to be around you
cant stand, I cant stand
to be around you"

Even after thinking in despair - remembering the person that exists only in his imagination - about how much he must be wrong about hating the person he used to love, he says that he tried to see this person, and outside his imagination he just cannot stand to see this person, he cannot stand to be around her anymore.

Music interpretation: The 1975 - This must be my dream

"I personify the adolescent on a phone
Speaking like I'm bigger than my body
I personify that lack of freedom in your life
And I'm sure she'll be gone in a second"

The first sentence of the song is related to the imagination of the person who is singing, in his head he creates a figure of a young girl speaking at the phone, saying that she is bigger than her body; this phrase is related to think about goals and capacities that are way bigger than our bodies or physical limitations. At the same time, the guy also thinks about the lack of freedom of the person who is the reference for the girl he created in his mind, in the real life this person has many limitations and incapacities, but all these things that hold and creat limitations, to the real person, will be gone in a second, because in the imagination all these limitations can be destroyed, allowing the development of someone bigger and stronger than ever. 

"Let me tell you 'bout this girl
I thought she'd rearrange my world
Takes a particular type of girl
To put my heart under arrest
So why is this feeling on my chest?"

He keeps talking about this girl in his imagination; in his mind he thought that she could rearrange his world, could give him coherence and a well defined structure of his world, of his thoughts, destroying doubts and, consequently, the despair. While he is thinking about this kind of girl, who can do such things, he starts to think about previous girls who did that with him, he came to the conclusion that it takes a rare and special type of girl to make he feels like that, to allow him to direct his mind towards someone, to creat an illusion based on a person; the rarity of this occurrence makes him doubt of the reality of this feeling, of his mind developments.

"(This must be my dream)
Wide awake before I found you
(This must be my dream)
I can't wait for you boy
(Wake me from my dream)
What does all our love amount to?
(This must be my dream)
We can't make love when you fly around me baby"

After questioning himself, he came to the conclusion that this must be only a dream, that this must exist only in his mind, only in his deep and unware thoughts. He also starts to questioning about what this love is equivalent, what this really means. At the end he came to the conclusion that he cannot have a relationship with this girl, because she is just flying around him, she is not real and exists only in his imagination.

"Pipe down, you're no lover
This feeling keeps your body tune
Well, I thought it was love but I guess I must be dreaming
'Bout feeling something instead of you"

He keeps saying to himself to calm down, to let it go, because is not real, but, despite the unreal aspect, this feeling is able to keep his body tuned, makes him feel better. He thought it could be love, but maybe he just created a huge and unreal character in his mind, taking as reference someone that is not equal to the person created, his "ghost" is not equivalent to the real person.

"What did I tell you 'bout this girl?
The one to rearrange your world?
You got excited and now you find out that
Your 'girl' won't even get you undressed
Or care about your beating chest"

He starts to question what he could tell about the girl who he created in his mind, the one who could be able to make him feel better, who could rearrange his world… he says that she makes him fells better at the beginning, but after the discovery of the unreality of this thought, of the incapacity of the girl in his imagination to care about him, to really be around him, to touch him, he just deconstruct what he was feeling, he just don’t care and doesn’t believe in his deep creations and interpretations, and put his effort in letting aside this feeling and this unreal interpretation. But even knowing all that, he probably cannot forget it, he cannot just let it go.