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Music interpretation: Fall out boy - I am like a lawyer with the way i am always trying to get you off (me & you)

This song is an intelligent construction that talks about personal and pessimistic feelings, evolution and, of course, about a love relationship. Fun fact: the lawyer in the title is related to the capacity of manipulating things, people and events, giving them new meanings and interpretations.

"Last years wishes are this years apologies
Every last time I come home
I take my last chance, to burn a bridge or two
I only keep myself this sick in the head
'Cause I know how the words get you' (off)"

 The singer starts the song talking about how the last year’s wishes, the last year’s resolutions for life and the ideas to improve it, become the excuses of this present time; as an example of that, we can say that the person in this song wished to be more intelligent, as a path to do so he thinks about reading more, but, at the end, he just did not do that, then this resolution becomes his actual excuse, becomes something that he just regret about and have to use apologies to justify this failure in attempting something that he impose to himself. In this sense, he says that he is constantly deconstructing an image of a lover, that he had in his head, he also is saying that he keeps this troubled thoughts about a person in his head because he is able to let it go, to put it aside. (in this case he makes the reference of the title of the song, saying that he is like a lawyer, he can manipulate the reality and change aspects of it, giving new interpretations that allow him to change thoughts and impression and wishes, etc.)

"We're the new face of failure
Prettier and younger but not any better off
Bulletproof loneliness
At best, at best"

He starts to talk about how them are the new face of failure, being this failure related to their parents, and the bad habits and bad choices of them, this bothers the person who is talking about all that. At the same time that he despises their parents characteristics, he realize that he is not so different of it, just another face of this failure, only younger and prettier, but not different. At the same time, he talks about his ability of being indifferent to loneliness, his great capacity of not carrying about being alone.

"Me and you, setting in a honeymoon
(If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you)
Me and you, setting in a honeymoon
(If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you)"

In the riff he comes back to his lover, and starts to imagine about being with her, to spending time with her…

"Collect the bad habits
That you couldn't bear to keep
Out of the woods, but I love
A tree I used to lay beneath
Kiss teeth stained red
From a sour bottle baby girl
With eyes the size of baby worlds"

He starts to talk about the person who is in his mind, who are the content of his thoughts, he talks about how he loves her bad habits, that she tries to hide but that she cannot. He keeps saying how he likes her, and he compares her to a tree in a wood, the one who is sour bottle – a term that we can translate as being a sincere, with a huge imagination and complex – baby girl, with big and interesting eyes, who attracts him and makes him be amazed.

"The best way to make it through
With hearts and wrists intact
Is to realize two out of three ain't bad
Ain't bad (I’m like a lawyer)"

At the end, he says that the best way of getting along with this love story, to be okay with that and to not think about suicide – keeping the wrists intact -, is by realizing that two out of three is not a bad thing. This comparison is related to a famous study about love, that talks about the 3 characteristics of love, the first one is passion, the second is intimacy and the third is commitment, because of the song we can presume that they have the first ones aspects of love but they don’t have the third one, a thing the singer thinks isn’t bad. 

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