terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

Music interpretation: Fall out boy - Moving pictures

This song talks about a person who cannot stand anymore to be around someone who he used to love before.

"last night I saw a movie
and I thought about many movies I’ve seen at your house
excuse me if I’m rude
but I’d rather that we just strike from the record, ones I’d see again without you
leaning on my shoulder
distracting me from the plotline"

At the beginning the person who is singing talks about a movie that he saw last night, this movie makes him remember about many movies and things he used to do with an old friend. At the same time, when he is remembering nice moments about being with this person, being around this person, he also is thinking about how stressful and painful become being around this person; this duality seems to be more close to the despise, and we can notice that when the person who is singing talks that he’d prefer to erase this memories, because now he prefer to watch this things without this old friend. Even wishing to forget everything about this person, he end up remembering scenes with his friend when they watched movies together; he remember how this person lean on his shoulder and distract him from the plotline…

"where can I go when I want you around
but I can’t stand to be around you
'go home'
I'll walk myself to you
I'll walk myself away from here"

He keeps saying how he feels about this duality of his feelings towards a specific person. He is confused about his wish to still want to see and be around the old person, that is combined, at the same time, with a wish to stay as far as possible of this same person. When he thinks like that, he cannot know what do, or where to go; he says that when he feels like that he should go home – in this case home is related to a safe place, somewhere nice and secure and happy -, then he say that he goes toward the person – as a reference to home – and after that he says that he goes away from this person – also as being a reference of going home.

"'go to hell' is all I thought for seven weeks
but I grew out of that phase looking at these broken photographs of people
looking glossed just like a summer ago"

This confusion irritates him, at the same time, he is upset about thinking only about it for seven weeks, for a long time. After this “waste of time thinking about an old person and now unreal”, he says that he got over this phase of look back to broke photographs of people, he got over thinking about people who exists only in his imagination and not in the real life anymore. He is tired of looking to people who was special and incredible – as if they were glossed – and are not like that anymore.

"'call me back' i'm pleading with a cork in my head
it wouldn't be the first time
my pillow has been mistaken"

After talking about all these disturbed thoughts, about this double thinking, he wants this persons to come around again, to come back as the way he remember. He wants this in despair, away from the person while he is going to sleep and has only the image of the person in his imagination, saying that this wouldn’t be the first time when he wanted that, and that he was mistaken, that he is wrong about having bad thoughts about how this person becomes insipid.

"can't stand to be around you
around you, around you
cant stand to be around you
cant stand, I cant stand
to be around you"

Even after thinking in despair - remembering the person that exists only in his imagination - about how much he must be wrong about hating the person he used to love, he says that he tried to see this person, and outside his imagination he just cannot stand to see this person, he cannot stand to be around her anymore.

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