quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

The will to power

            The will to power is something present on us, in a deep sense, but not in a conception to reach a higher position in society, but in a strictly inner way.
           We also must have to kill all the god conceptions, all the reincarnation concepts, and all the illusions about life. The will to power is a super-sensible aspect of ourselves, something that remain hidden for almost everyone and that is only observed by the genius, who has a different mentality.
            Talking about genius, I think that all people can become one, but the journey to achieve that is cruel, hard, deadly; it is a journey against human nature, to the depth of the mind, a desperate and unnecessary journey, that require an uncommon strength and will, that will bring the vast conscience, the absolute control and wisdom.

           For those who have a vast conscience; that can understand and measure some of our deepest actions, the will to power is easily found in the actions during life. 

The multiple interpretations

           Melancholy can be characterized as a scenario that is multiple, with many possibilities, that not allow a definitive mind-set. A state without a surly idea, a well defined goal, that permit a kind of certainty to the person.
             Even if our certainty is a pseudo-reality, this is our biggest wish, the condition that we deeply want. It seems that life become easier in a well defined state of mind, maybe we feel that because of the lack of contradictory thoughts, that make our actions more precise and powerful. When we become more efficient, more strong, we become more satisfied.

            Related to the melancholy we can expose the mainly characteristic of our mind, that develop the phenomena by itself. In this case, when we start to have a multiple point of view about things, we start to lose our strength and this scenario becomes even more terrifying with the consequences, that are always unreal and exaggerated, developed by our unconscious thoughts. This characteristic make us try to establish a well set state of the mind, always when we start to feel a decay in our thoughts, in our power. This is our manly aspect, our manly primitive aspect, and don’t allow us to have a multiple point of view, a view of the whole; we only change this characteristic of our constitution after we start to become more rationalist.