quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

The will to power

            The will to power is something present on us, in a deep sense, but not in a conception to reach a higher position in society, but in a strictly inner way.
           We also must have to kill all the god conceptions, all the reincarnation concepts, and all the illusions about life. The will to power is a super-sensible aspect of ourselves, something that remain hidden for almost everyone and that is only observed by the genius, who has a different mentality.
            Talking about genius, I think that all people can become one, but the journey to achieve that is cruel, hard, deadly; it is a journey against human nature, to the depth of the mind, a desperate and unnecessary journey, that require an uncommon strength and will, that will bring the vast conscience, the absolute control and wisdom.

           For those who have a vast conscience; that can understand and measure some of our deepest actions, the will to power is easily found in the actions during life. 

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