quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2015

Be materialistic, please

          “Where do you think that this feeling will put you? I can answer this question for you, it will bring nothing to you. After your delusional thoughts are gone, after the reality shows to you the real meaning of things, you will regret about the lost time, about the crazy journey after the feeling. This aspect of your life will be so oppressive to you that when, in the future, you start to remind about your crazy youth acts, that when you remember of those old days, without a delusional mentality, you will feel desperate about your thoughts, at the point do despise everything that reminds you about love. It is necessary for you to adapt yourself to the social needs and expectations; it is necessary to surrender yourself to the reality that was created for us, nobody care if this concepts are true or not, the most important thing is that everyone believe in them, everyone build a life to reach them, and this is the most important thing!” After his words, the father looked anxious to his son, expecting his reply, already building up some scenarios and answers in his head, to deconstruct any kind of thought that was against his wish to direct his son to the path that he thinks was the most reasonable one.
            “You use the community to hide yourself from your feelings, from your thoughts. This is a coward move from you, a conception related to a weak person, who doesn’t have enough strength to run after his believes, to care about his thoughts, because of his weak constitution. You are someone who will always hide from something that wakes you up for action, that create a goal that demands a huge will to be reached. You are weak, and I will not listen to you.” Saying these words in a calm way, the son look to the father, to see his reaction. He get surprise to see an indifferent expression of his father, who start to respond the proposition said by the son.
           “Oh, my naïve kid. Tell me if you see me stepping back when I saw something that really interest me. Tell me if you see me talking about my opinions to anyone. Tell me if you see me trying to impose my point of views, and trying to be superior than persons who don’t agree with me. Tell me if I already said something that did not contain an amazing and unquestionable logical relation.” Said the father, looking indifferently to his son.
             “I cannot remember of you doing such things.”
          “Then you need to believe when I tell you about something that I really disagree. I am not saying any irrational word, I am saying something deeply developed, deeply analyzed.” The words came out vividly through the mouth of the father, hitting the son by surprise. He drop down his guard and start to speak in a more passive way.
             “Then what do you have against my search for love? Do you understand something about it?”
           “More than you think, my beloved son. And I can tell how it is irrelevant, and how you can use your uncommon strength to some easier and more worth task, at least a task that people will respect you by doing it.” The attention of the son, who was disperse in the beginning of the conversation, now was strictly directed to his father.
         “Now you caught my attention, I want to hear about what you have to say to change the direction of my efforts.”
            “This is nice, I have many things to say to you; I know that I don’t speak much but I might, and today I will show you that, but only for you, my son. Our feelings should remain locked in our mind; it is sad to say that, but trust no one, it is a crazy worlds that we live in, they hunt rare people and kill them, without mercy. Lock your feelings, or they will be used against you; preserve yourself, this is really important to be done.” The father looked thee; two sincere looks encountered themselves and the moment was perfect for the deepest thoughts, for deepest analyzes that probably will have the power to change conceptions forever.
            “No one, father? I think that you are exaggerating. Do someone that could be special to me will never exists? Everyone only wishes to fulfill their own vacancy, to reach their own goals, without caring about other person besides himself? Is that the only aspect that I will find on people?” The face of the son was scared by his thought. He pronounced his last words looking apprehensive to his father, waiting for an answer that will eliminate his bad state of mind, the bad constitution acquired by his spirit with his speech.
            “Almost that, my son. Someone who doesn’t think only about yourself is such a rare person that we find only a few ones during our life time. And even when you find them you need to test them, to really see their constitution; only after many tests you can trust in your judgement, only after that you can really say if you are with a rare person or not. But this kind of phenomenon are so so rare, that is easier don’t even think about it.” The answer of the father seems to bring calm to the mind of the son, and, with that, he fells even more curious about his father thoughts.
             “Then you are saying that the only thing that I will see in life is persons who will be with me, and care about me, only because their self interests?”
            “Yes, this is exactly what I am saying. And these common people have their own definition about love, and it is funny, and primitive. They believe that they are in love when they find someone that brings more benefits than everybody else. And, most of the time, this definition is considered superior, enlightened, because the majority of them consider that love is equal to sex.” The father couldn’t contain how this conception make him laugh, and with a discreet smile he look to the son, who was seriously looking to the wall above his father, thinking.
              “Then you are preventing me to abandon many things to discover this simply conceptions?”
            “Of course not” the father responded vividly “what I said was conceptions about love wrote by monkeys, by dull persons. If you search for love, I have sure that you will write something more human, more rational. Bur this is not the point here, the real human beings also talked about love. Some of them had the constitution to be in love, but they cannot found some idea that brings that make then understand this subject. These are a sad kind of poet, they defend love above all the things, but they are not able to feel it; they wrote about an ideal, about some image in their minds that will bring fulfillment to them. This kind of poets are common, unfortunately. They are dull ones, who swap their lives for illusions.” The son cannot comprehend all the father words, then, looking inquisitive to him, he starts to try to understand even better his father conception.
                “Now I am confused, father. What is the real definition about love?”
            “It is something complicated to explain without some detailed explanation about how our mind work. If you promise me to study and memorize your school matters I can try to explain it to you someday.”
            The son nodded and went to his room to study. While he was on his way to the room, the father, happy with the results of the conversation, scream to the boy who were already distant.
          “The real great men stay beyond love, my son. Remember that, it will help you a lot to understand my future explanation about the theme.”

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