terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2015

Keeping yourself distracted

          We can see clearly how we get used to work all week, to get our head busy with some tasks, to almost eliminate our reflexive contemplation of things around us and concentrate in specific and simple tasks.
            With this characteristic of our common behavior, we acquire constantly thoughts that have a lack of development, a lack of definition. These uncertain memories remain in our head; they stand hidden and still have a huge power to influence our feelings and actions.
            When we receive a time to rest, a time to be absent of our usual activities, our usual distractions, these memories that have a lack of development come back to us in a monstrous oppressive way, hurting us with the crazy and exaggerated interpretations that our unconscious is skilled doing.
            At the beginning our free time scares us, making us try to find anything that distract us, that make us forget about our oppressive and poorly developed memories.
            This scary characteristic makes a reflexive contemplation a hard state to achieve; it is easier stay afloat on the surface of our lives, it is easier and safer keep our mind distracted with constant tasks that only hide our real life and feelings, conducting us to nowhere.

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