sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

Two worlds

           Our fears seem to block some aspects that life presents to us; it seems that our personality is built around those fears that remain as untouchables and danger areas within us.
           Casually, an old memory stick so hard on our mind that we are not able to deconstruct it. Differently of the real proportion of the things, of the situations that originate those bad memories, our mind develop, by itself, those memories until transform them into desperate scenarios. When we start to see these scenes forming around us, we do our best to run away from those situations, to improve the scenario that our mind crate about the world.

            Those bad scenarios terrifies us by their hopeless and the absurd scary consequences. We run from that all the time, at the first sight of some object that remember us of these bad memories, that make our mind access those scenarios that terrifies us. And we run away, every time, again, again and again, till we discover the deconstructive power of our conscience.

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